11 ways to become a digital marketing expert

Become a digital marketing expert

Today the Digital Marketing industry is booming and everyone is trying to carve out a niche for themselves. If not, then getting a high paying job in Digital marketing is what most of the millennials and generation z wants.

Whether you are trying to carve out a niche for yourself or just trying to get a high paying job in Digital marketing, both depends on how strong you’re on the fundamentals of digital marketing and how can you help others through your digital skills.

Becoming a Digital Marketing Expert requires a unique combination of technical, creative and soft skills.

So, if you’re looking to create a rewarding career in digital marketing go through these 11 ways and implement them to become a Digital Marketing expert: 

1. Read Digital Marketing Blogs

Reading blogs is one of the simplest ways to increase your understanding of any subject. To become a digital marketing expert, you must develop a habit of reading blogs.

This will help you to be updated about the latest developments in digital marketing. You will also learn about different concepts in digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, funnels, Social Media Marketing, etc…

Every blog will, to some extent, offer you a different perspective on digital marketing. For example, if you want to learn Content marketing, you may know that it’s about creating content and promoting it through different digital channels.

But I will tell you, “Content marketing is all about understanding what your audience wants and then providing them with similar contents that they’re actively looking for.”

So, by reading this you get the idea that content marketing is not just about creating content on random topics. Or you might read another blog that says that content marketing is all about helping your audience.

The other blog is right too. You’re helping your audience by providing what they want.

In this way, your perspective will be enhanced and you can learn a lot of things at a slow but steady pace. It should be an ongoing task apart from other activities that you’ll do as a digital marketing professional.

Some of the top digital marketing blogs that you might want to bookmark are:

–     Search Engine Journal for SEO

–     Social Media Examiner for Social Media Marketing

–     HubSpot for Inbound and Content Marketing

–     Backlinko for SEO

–     WordStream for Pay Per Click(PPC)

2. Connect with like-minded people

Connect with fellow digital marketers

Accept it you can’t do everything on your own. You need to connect with people who either have achieved what you’re aiming for or people who share the same goals with you.

Connecting with like-minded folks allows you to be in the company of people who are active in your field. It creates an immersive experience to develop digital marketing expertise.

See, you have your limitations. You can only think or do to a certain limit. But being surrounded and connected with people expands your limits.

It allows you to tap into other people’s minds. It is said, “Two minds are better than one.” And I believe it’s true.

There are times when you can think about a certain situation only from, say two angles. Then your friend comes and shows you a third way of thinking through the situation.

For example, you see a half-filled glass whereas one of your friends sees a half-empty glass and the other sees a glass with water enough to satisfy his thirst. 

All of them are right in their own perspective. If you talk to each other you can explore different angles to the same thing.

Thus, the insights that you get from others has tremendous value in terms of learning and mastering the skills.

So, if you have a local digital marketing groups go and join them. If you don’t have access to such groups, you can always get access to some of the top digital marketers and their groups on Facebook and other social channels.

This brings me to the third way of learning digital marketing…

3. Learning from Digital Marketing Leaders & Influencers

Follow the digital marketing leaders

Are you aware of the concept of having a guru for your spiritual journey?

On a spiritual path, you have no idea where you’re going, what turns you’ve to take and so on. Similarly for learning digital marketing, but you don’t necessarily need to follow a Guru but you do need someone who has been there and done that!

There are many Digital Marketing Leaders and Influencers online; all you need to do is a quick Google search. All these leaders and influencers regularly share valuable information about different digital marketing concepts through their blogs and social channels.

You can also bookmark their blogs and keep a handy diary for noting down key points.

Some of the Digital Marketing Leaders you must follow are:

–     Seth Godin

–     Neil Patel

–     Deepak Kanakaraju

–     Rand Fishkin

–     Brian Dean

–     Sorav Jain

–     Gaurav Madaan

–     Jon Loomer

–     Sanjay Shenoy

4. Join Digital Marketing Courses & Workshops

Digital Marketing Workshop

Apart from learning from blogs and digital marketing leaders, you should also opt for courses and workshops.

But not all the courses are great.

Good Courses are structured in a way that helps you to learn the skills regularly. Keep in mind that, what is being taught in the course is already available out there. The reason why you should opt for digital marketing courses is that it provides you with the best information that is available out there.

It filters out out-dated and less important information and provides you with expert guidance.

Now just like any other subject, you can learn digital marketing in multiple ways. But in my opinion mentorship programs and courses are more authentic ways of learning digital marketing. Let’s understand why.

Suppose, you want to learn computer science and you have got three options:

(I)        Learn computer science by going to an institution

(II)       Learn it on your own

(III)      Learn it under a mentor

You can get admission into a college and learn computer science.

You can even figure out on your own, which might take a lot of time but still, it’s possible.

Or, you can learn from someone who has a good grasp of Computer Science.

Irrespective of the path you choose, you can learn computer science in any of the three ways today. The case is the same with digital marketing.

The question is which path would you choose and why?

If you’re smart, you’d either choose to learn under a mentor or go to an institution. Because it saves a lot of time and allows you to be focused.

5. Get Certified

If you choose to learn digital marketing through an institute, you can skip this part. But if you are eager to follow the path of self-study, then (read on) this section can be very helpful for you.

Getting certified is important, especially if you’re learning digital marketing to get a job. Whether you take the path of self-study or mentorship, in both the ways you can get benefits if you have got a certification for your skills.

There are many free courses online that offer you certification. But wait, not all courses are created the same.

Google offers a free digital marketing course, called Digital Unlocked.

It is an introductory course in digital marketing and is a must for anyone who’s trying to kick start their digital marketing career.

The course offers you a good understanding of various digital marketing concepts and jargon. It also offers quizzes at the end of each lesson so you can practice what you’ve learned.

Once you complete all the lessons and pass the exam. You’ll be awarded a certificate from Google.

But mind you, before you enroll in this course, you need to put your 100% effort into it. You must set a proper routine to complete the course.

Otherwise, you’ll leave it in the middle!

And, you must allocate your time that you intend to invest in the course.

6. Work on your communication skills

Digital marketing is all about communication.

One of the most important things that many beginners miss out is improving their communication. And, it is the most important thing if you want to make a career in digital marketing.

How successful you’ll be in your digital marketing campaigns and career will depend on your ability to communicate.

Your job as a digital marketer is to communicate your ideas effectively to your target market. One common trait of all successful digital marketers is their master communicators.

Through the power of words, they’re able to capture the attention of their audience, convert them into leads and a paying customer, and finally into hardcore fans.

Think of people who use Apple products, they are not just customers. They’re much more than that. They love Apple and it’s really hard to persuade them to buy any other phone. Isn’t it?

This is the power of communication which big brands use effectively.

You should constantly work upon your communication skills by reading books, listening to public talks, writing articles and public speaking.

7. Create a solid Social presence for yourself

Establish a solid social media presence

Once you’ve developed enough understanding about digital marketing. And you’ve got some certificates and practical experience. Now, you can start working on creating your social presence as a digital marketer.

Think about it like this. You have a lot of experience in digital marketing. But who’s going to know?

No one is going to know unless you tell and show the world your expertise.

And social media is the channel to showcase your expertise. Some of the important social channels that you can use to create a solid presence for yourself are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

8. Go to Digital Marketing Networking Events

Participate in Digital marketing networking events

It is said, success is not about what you know but whom you know.

 You can increase your professional network by going to digital marketing events. There are many ways you can look for an event.

You can use the meetup app, facebook events, Eventbrite website, and many others to get information regarding nearby digital marketing events.

Just do a quick google search and you’ll have a ton of information about digital marketing events.

It’s important to first develop an average understanding of digital marketing before you go out and network. Because, when you talk to other professionals you would know what they’re talking about and what you should say.

9. Create your project

Create your own digital marketing project

After communication, this is the thing that can make or break your digital marketing career.

As I said, you need to create your social presence as a digital marketer. So you also need to have a project to showcase your skills.

If you don’t have a project, you don’t have digital marketing skills. It’s that simple.

If you’re a good digital marketer, it’s a must to have 1 or 2 projects on which you’ve worked. It shows that you’re the type of person who walks the talk.

So, how do you do a digital marketing project?

You start a blog/website/e-commerce store, anything that shows that you’ve brought traffic; you’ve converted that traffic into customers.

But starting a blog is the easiest thing to do if you want to learn digital marketing and establish yourself as a digital marketer.

Once you’ve had enough experience through your digital marketing project. You can apply for internships.

10. Get an Internship

The internship is an opportunity to get a sneak peek into the corporate world. To experience your job as a digital marketer, how it feels to work in that environment and also to find out if this is what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Getting an internship is an essential step; if you want to get into a digital marketing job.

The internship gives you an understanding of how digital marketing works in the bigger picture of a business. How it aligns with all the different functions within the organization.

Working as a digital marketing intern allows you to learn the intricacies of digital marketing. There are two things on any subject. First, the concepts and fundamentals which rarely change and second, troubleshooting the problems that you face while executing the concepts.

Troubleshooting through digital marketing problems is what you’ll learn as an intern. You’ll also learn the importance of digital marketing as the revenue generator for any business.

Depending upon the task you’re provided, you’ll also learn the advanced strategies of digital marketing.

For example, if you’re working as a social media intern you may discover how social media goals are aligned with the business’ goals.

11. Keep upgrading your Digital Marketing skills

Upgrading your digital skills

The above 10 ways are a powerful way to quickly develop digital marketing skills. But there’s one more aspect to becoming a digital marketing expert, i.e., to keep upgrading your skillset.

What is prevalent today might change tomorrow. And your job is to be aware of the change and work towards understanding it.

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field. With the advent of new digital technologies and IoT (Internet of things), new concepts and digital channels keep popping up.

If you’re someone who is not satisfied with mediocre skill set then you need to pay attention to updates.

And, the best way to be updated about all the changes is to know it from the source.

For SEO and Google Ads update, subscribe to think with google

For Social media marketing, subscribe to Facebook Business, twitter flight.

For Content Marketing & Inbound Marketing, subscribe to HubSpot. They know very well what they’re doing.

For Email, marketing subscribes to MailChimp. One of the most used email marketing platforms.


The best way to develop digital marketing skills is to start doing it on your own. All the 11 ways will help you to work towards achieving perfection in your skills. 

Go ahead, take a print out of these 11 ways and integrate it into your daily schedule to become a master digital marketer.

You now know all the ways of becoming a digital marketing expert. There’s only one thing stopping you to become a digital marketing expert:

Not Implementation of these 11 ways!

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