How to become a growth marketer in India?

Growth Marketer

Through this blog post I am sharing with you the stuff that I have learnt from CXL.

I am still learning the nuances of growth marketing.

But after going through 6 weeks of training in this field, I feel I am in a position where I can at least show you the right path to becoming a growth marketer.

And what are the wrong advices that you should safeguard yourself against.

I want to share with you a short story which took me on the path of growth marketing…

When did I decided to develop growth marketing skills?

It all started when I was working as a digital marketing manager in a startup in New Delhi, India.

It was a usual day in my office and I was working on my desk.

My CEO asked me, “Vaivav what can we do to grow rapidly?” and my mind went blank.

I knew how to use different digital channels, from running search ads on google to generating leads on facebook and checking google analytics for understanding user behavior and analyzing the impact of our seo efforts.

At that time, I also knew to design attractive posters on Canva.

But I didn’t know how to grow a company?

That’s when I first Googled about growth marketing.

And with this google search began my journey to becoming a growth marketer.

What are the skill sets you need to develop?

A growth marketer is not like a normal digital marketer rather s/he is a person who is responsible for growth.

And not just responsible for lead generation through google and facebook.

S/he has to work on the entire customer journey and the marketing funnel because this is what enables him to grow a company exponentially.

Some of the skills that you need to develop as a growth marketer are:

  • Data Analytics
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Conversion Skills
  • Channel Specific Skills

These are some of the skills you need to develop. Keep in mind that you need to work on each of these skills separately.

Now let’s get into each of the skills briefly.

Data Analytics

Google Analytics is a good tool that most of the businesses use for analyzing their website data. And as a growth marketer, you should have a good command over google analytics and data.

Through google analytics you can measure a ton of data like,

  • Which pages your user visit?
  • The traffic flow in your funnel – this can help you in analyzing any funnel leakages
  • Which device your users use?
  • From where are they coming to their website? – India, America, Canada…

And a lot of interesting data points that can help you to take data-driven decisions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It is famously called as CRO. And in one way or another it is the basis for growth hacking any company.

Most marketers focus on “Acquisition”, they spend their maximum time and effort on acquiring new customers. But as a growth marketer you need to develop a holistic view and focus on the entire customer journey.

And this means you need to come up with ideas to not just acquire new customers but also retain them. You need to keep testing high priority ideas that moves the growth needle.

A/B testing is a great example of CRO where a variant of the original with one changed element is tested. Mind you, this is not even the tip of the ice berg of CRO.

CRO is a whole subject in itself. And that’s why I said, you need to work on all the different skills separately.

Conversion Skills

Now you have developed an understanding for data and testing you also need to develop conversion skills which essentially is copywriting.

Joseph Sugarman teaches some powerful copywriting lessons which are very relevant for digital marketers and growth marketers.

If I can summarize copywriting in one line, I would say –

Copywriting is essentially conveying the message that your audience wants to hear and doing it in an attractive way.

Copywriting should also be data-driven. And if you’re thinking is it possible or not?

Yes it is possible!

Channel Specific Skills

Channel specific skills means, skills that you need to develop for using that marketing channel.

This part is what most of the training institutes are focusing on and teaching in India right now.

Some of the digital channels that you need to develop are:

  • Search Engine – SEO & Search Ads
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Email

There are more channels than the above I have listed but these are the main ones in my opinion.

SEO – Also known as search engine optimization (full form). This is basically the process for optimizing your website so that it appears in the search engine results page of search engines like google and bing.

And companies invest a lot of time in this channel as it is a powerful channel capable of driving tons of traffic organically.

Search Ads – These are advertisements that are placed on search engines by advertisers.

This also falls under the category of PPC, i.e., Pay-Per-Click which means you will pay a certain amount every time someone clicks on your ad.

Facebook – Facebook is a combination of different marketing tactics. On this platform you can do organic marketing (although it has almost vanished), do messenger marketing and run ads. Mark Zuckerberg has also bought Instagram and merged the two platforms.

Twitter – This is also a great channel which uses #hashtags for tagging a post with a context. It is a great platform if you want to voice your messages to the world.

LinkedIn – This is a must platform if your target audience is businesses and CXOs. LinkedIn is a professional network that helps professional connect and network.

Email – Without email marketing, it is impossible to automate your marketing efforts. And there are many platforms which helps you like getresponse, convertkit and email octopus.

How to safeguard yourself from bad advices?

Now you know the skills you need to develop, it’s important to safeguard yourself from wrong information.

Don’t go on looking on Google for finding important information.

Some of the trustworthy sources that you should follow:


Growth Hackers

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